How to Boost Your Marketing Prowess with Perfect Postcard?

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Postcards are the most versatile marketing tool used by businesses to promote products and services to key target demographics. Although many people consider postcards as relics, they are still a force to reckon with. Not only are they ideal for presenting your business products and services to customers but they can be used to gather vital information about customer experiences.

Want to know how to boost your marketing prowess with the perfect postcard?

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Be creative

Marketing experts have revealed that postcards have a higher read rate than email and brochures. Why? The selected design is attention grabbing. Unlike brochures, postcards can compel key target demographics to take action. To ensure that your postcards are attention-grabbing, you have to be creative with the special elements available. For starters, select a background photo that conveys the right message. It should be simple, colorful and attractive. When it comes to the type of font used, make sure it’s legible. Avoid calligraphic fonts that make the message unreadable.

For the font size, make sure it’s readable. Selecting the right card stock size helps to compel the customer to take the time to read the postcard instead of throwing it in the trash immediately. One of the best method that has proven to work when determining if the postcard is attention-grabbing or not is to carry out an in-house poll. If the poll results signify that the postcard template is not attention-grabbing, try again!

Use the following resource as a guide: 10 Ways to Boost Response Rates with Postcards.

Be playful

Each day, customers are bombarded with all manner of junk mail. A large portion of the junk mail consists of pamphlets, brochures, and postcards. What you ought to know is that customers’ don’t have the time to go through every single mail. They will briefly peruse through looking for bills and credit card statements before tossing the rest in the trash.

As part of a marketing team, it is important to ensure that your postcards catch the attention of the customer. For this to be possible, you need to be playful. Start by incorporating a bright color around the layout. Accompany this with a fun message that not only grab’s their attention but compels them to keep reading. Avoid overstuffing the postcard with words. Just find the right balance and you will be ok. To achieve the right look, incorporate the following tips:

. Use fewer details and leave the front clutter free

. Add bright colored photos on the face

.  Add a call to action messages

Ask intriguing questions

Want to draw the attention of your customers? Ask intriguing and engaging questions. People pay attention to questions because subconsciously; the mind will start looking for an answer on the postcard. The heading makes the perfect position for incorporating an intriguing question.

Here are two statements to help drive the point home:

Statement: Today, we are giving away $1,000 in free bonuses

Question: Why are we giving away $1,000 in free bonuses?

By looking at the statement above, which one grabbed your attention immediately? Which statement elicited an action from you?

The first statement is a generic marketing offer. This type of message has been encountered by people so many times. The second statement is a question which elicits an action from the reader. If you incorporate such questions on your postcards, readers will take action wondering why the business is offering the free bonuses.

Be specific

A rule of thumb in postcard marketing is to incorporate specifics and details within the message. Avoid vague and ambiguous statements as they compel the reader to toss the postcard in the trash. As a result, your message will not reach the intended audience.

Make your message to be specific by using figures. Here are two statements that explain how to incorporate the numbers and other details:

Statement One – Our real estate team has generated more sales for our clients

Statement two – Our real estate team generates $20,000+ in sales revenue

The second statement with specifics is attention-grabbing and compels you to select the business as your choice.

Final Thoughts

There you have it. The top 4 ways of boosting your marketing prowess with the perfect postcard. To ensure that customers read your postcard and probably end up pinning it on the refrigerator door, you need to do the following: be creative, be playful, be specific, ask intriguing and engaging questions.

Remember to keep on researching on modern design methods in order to create the ultimate postcards.

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