7 Brilliant Marketing Ideas for Small Business Owners 2017

Marketing Ideas

Apart from coming up with a great business, you need to develop the best marketing methods to get your business in the market. This is precisely important for new business owners. Well now that the year is almost ending, here are seven essential ideas to guide you in getting your business among the top brands on the market.

1. Keep your data up to date.

Keeping your data clean is essential since you can serve your customers well and you also stay up to date regarding the crucial methods and information to share with your customers. Therefore ensure you clean up your data after a while maybe after a month or two.

Remember a lot of processes that run a business such as decision making and marketing rely solely on the data. If the data is inadequate or inaccurate, rest assured your business would either crumble or have problems in developing. So before the year ends to ensure your information is clean and well planned.

2. Focus on your audience buyer persona.

Before you even invest in the marketing sector, you need first to figure out the kind of people you are targeting. This is driven by the type of products or services you are offering. Define their interests, locations, their goals motivations and also how to reach them. By having all the necessary information about your targeted audience, you will be able to create brands that will meet their needs. Develop a good marketing strategy that is persuasive and educative to your customers. If the information is precise and meets the buyer persona need, rest assured you will get more customers.

3. Focus on your targeted audience.

After identifying your targeted audience, develop products that fulfill their needs. With all the information about their needs and wants, you will be in a position to create the content that drives them to your products and services. Remember your goal is to reach as many customers as possible. Also, you need them to know that you have the kind of products or services they require to fulfill their needs. So aim to inform your targeted customers about the benefits they can reap for using your products or services. If they are of good quality, the sales will increase within a short period.

4. Pay attention when using email marketing.

Unlike in the social media where you can include different information about your products, an email is a tricky channel that requires a lot of critical thinking and planning. You are not guaranteed that your customers will open their emails immediately. Some may take weeks, days or even months before they access their emails. So to optimize the use of this channel, consider using an active email of that particular company or person. You can call them and ask for their most effective emails. Another tip to make your email marketing effective is by ensuring your emails are straight to the point and informative as well. Let your last email leave the customers wanting to learn more about what you are planning to introduce to the market. Also, ensure the emails can open from a mobile phone such that the reader can be able to access your them from anywhere.

5. Use your social media platforms.

When I talk about social media, I mean the use of the ads. Social media use is continuously evolving, and for small business owners, you can get your business known worldwide with the use of paid advertisements. This is a technique that started in 2016, and by the end of 2017, paid ads are estimated to generate up to 11 billion dollars. To carry out the business to customer sales via the social media ads require the use of promoting ads to be more efficient. Although by the end of the year social media ads are estimated to grow as well.

Social media ads include; Facebook ads twitter ads, LinkedIn ads, and Instagram ads.

6. Invest in videos and images.

Writing good content about your products is very useful, but if you want to increase your customer base by the end of 2017, you need to invest in images and videos. The two helps one to understand better your business. So create YouTube videos, snap chat, and you can also engage your customers online to ask you questions if they have any related to your business.

7. Don’t be afraid of marketing automation.

Getting your small business on top is not easy. It requires perseverance, determination and a lot of hard work. Also, another excellent tool that will help you is the marketing automation. Make your online site easy to access by your customer and ensure everything on your website is automated.


For small business owners, follow the above seven tips to guide you in optimizing your business.

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