Pure Barre

Pure Barre Experience

I've been a member of a gym since the age of 19. I go hard, then fall off the workout wagon at times! I'm like a yo-yo gym go-er! I was excited when Pure Barre opened in Oceanside to try something different and to mix up my usual spin/ weights and cardio routine.  The studio is absolutely beautiful and private. I like that passerby's cannot look in! It's so clean and the staff is warm and welcoming. I didn't feel intimidated at all. 

There was a good mix of woman in the class I took. There were both big and small, young and old. Using light weights and a small ball, Amanda (who was an AMAZING instructor) led us through exercises consisting of small isometric movements. I liked the use of the ball- I felt it aided in focusing on the area we were working on. We also positioned it behind our lower back during the ab portion of the class and it was just the support I needed. 

There were some parts of the class that I found difficult. Not a can't breathe- I'm going to pass out kind of difficult, more of a burning, shaking difficult! Some of the movements were hard for me to perfect but I believe that will come with time and practice. The instructor corrected my form a few times when I couldn't make my body do what my mind was telling it to! A beginners class is highly recommended. 

I was sore for a few days after the class. My ass hurt in places that haven't in all my years of squatting! This is a GOOD thing ladies! My abs were sore, also a very good thing! The old exercise motto, "no pain, no gain" promises greater value rewards for the price of hard or even painful work…Pure Barre delivers!

If you're looking to tone up for summer, Pure Barre is for you. I believe with consistency and determination, you can transform your body practicing Pure Barre techniques. Give it a try. I took one class and I cannot wait to go back again, sore ass and all! 

Visit Pure Barre of Oceanside at 3563 Long Beach Road/ Sands shopping center (516) 766- 0465 and mention Secrets of a Momaholic for 15% off any purchase by 3/31/14. Use coupon code OceansidePB. 


  1. I've heard a lot of great things about puree barre. There's not one by me but there's a similar type place. I might give it a go during summer break

    1. It definitely does exactly what it says- lifts & firms! I am excited to go back! Hope all is well with you!!!

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