Books to Belly: We're Going on a Bear Hunt & Trail Mix

The kids and I love a good trail mix. We make our own, mixing in our favorite healthy snacks. We make a big batch that's easily accessible- a great solution to grabbing a quick, healthy, satisfying snack on the go. You can even pre- bag it. We keep it simple by mixing up a granola, a nut, chocolate chips, and organic freeze dried yogurt bites. While making our latest batch, it reminded me of one of our favorite books, We're Going on a Bear Hunt. It was the perfect pairing with our trail mix.

We're Going on a Bear Hunt by Michael Rosen, illustrated by Helen Oxenbury is about a family going on a hunt for a bear. On each page the family has to overcome different obstacles they come across in order to continue their hunt. As the family encounters each obstacle, they describe it by using sensory descriptions such as; long, wavy grass, a deep, cold river, thick, oozy mud, a big, dark forest, a swirling, whirling snowstorm, and a narrow, gloomy cave. By using a range of descriptive vocabulary, the reader can imagine themselves on a hunt. 

After reading the story, the kids and I threw on our jackets, grabbed our trail mix and set out for our very own hunt! Of course ours was not for a bear, so we completed the part of the story that is repeated throughout with our own animal we were hunting!

We're going on a squirrel hunt.
We're going to catch a big one.
It's a beautiful day!
We're not scared. 

Trail Mix

  • 1 11oz bag of KIND or Bear Naked granola (I find the clusters bigger & easier to grab than other granolas-best for little hands)
  • 1 bag of Happy Family Happy Yogis (look in the health/organic aisle in your supermarket)
  • 1 cup of Hershey's mini milk chocolate chips
  • 1 cup of cashews, almonds or nut of your choice

Happy hunting!!


  1. love that you paired this yummy snack with a book. What a cool mom are you! Going to have to check out this brand too.

    1. Thank you! Anything to help introduce new, healthy foods they'll try!

  2. Your bowl of trail mix looks delicious! I'll have to try that pairing!

  3. I love a good trail mix-- especially one with lots of chocolate!

    1. YESSSS!!!! I add extra because after all, its trail mix- right? It's still healthy eating!! lol

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  5. Last Sunday i was go with my father and sister. We hunt a dear and take to home. In the evening we enjoy the Dinner