Shoe Tying Class at Nordstrom


What better place for a kid to learn how to tie their shoes other than at Nordstrom? Its our go to place for shoe fittings as well as most of our footwear- so why not learn how to tie shoes there as well?
Nordstrom offers such a class on certain Sundays each month. The class is free but you must sign up for it prior to attending. The age recommendation is 5 and up. We arrived at 9:45am Sunday morning and were greeted by Chris (pictured playing Simon says above!) Nordstrom along with the rest of the mall was closed so we had Nordstrom all to ourselves! 

Nordstrom provided shoes with laces for each child to work with. Chloe of course had to swap hers for pink ones.

         Chloe took a tying break, trying on Suri-esque shoes!
                      Ummm...I don't think so Chloe.
                          Back to work-with her pink pair!

The Nordstrom staff was awesome! So patient and great with the kids!
      Checking out the clubhouse in the children's section!

   Chloe and Natalie had a great time playing the game in the  clubhouse!

      When in Nordstrom...SHOP! Perfect time to shop for  holiday dresses- especially when your in there practically alone!

Chloe still needs lots of practice tying her shoes, but this was a great introduction to it. We will continue at home using the poem provided by Nordstrom and hopefully she will have it down in no time. She received a "real knotty behavior" certificate with her name on it upon her completion of the class. If you want to give it a go, try using the poem below to start.


Laces everyone-
ready, set, tie!
Calling all kids.
Check out these simple clues.
When one lace meets the other
You can tie your shoes.
First, make an x,
And hold it on top.
Put the right lace through the middle
Think of the bow
Just like a balloon,
Hold it at the bottom
Or it might go zoom!
Wrap the other lace around,
Use your finger like a spool.
Pull a loop through this hole,
You tied the bow- how cool!


  1. How great is that! A place u shop that gives back in the best way possible.. To our precious little it!

  2. That is awesome!!! What a fun event and it looks like Chloe was LOVING IT!!!

  3. How CUTE is that?! I love it, and I'll have to check out our local Nordstrom's to see if they do the same. Thank you!

  4. This is adorable. It makes me really happy that Nordstrom does something like this. Happy Thanksgiving :)

  5. oh wow! what a great idea and how much fun.

  6. Oh I wish they did field trips lol. I have some third graders who are stuck in velcro purgatory.

  7. Oh I love that Nordstrom is teachng kids to tie their shoes. So cute! If they are like me, they will grow up to LOVE their shoes!